Custom Abutment

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Custom Abutment

Our Custom Abutments are 100% compatible with all the major implant systems. We offer full titanium abutments and hybrid (titanium base/zirconia abutment) abutments made with the highest quality materials. When designing our custom abutment, we take into account subgingival margins, emergence profile, and clearance to make sure the abutment provides a natural tooth morphology. Mithila Dental Lab Provide the following Features of our Custom Abutment:

- Situates margins at or just below gingival surface to ease crown delivery and cement cleanup
- Creates a natural emergence profile and optimizes soft-tissue contours
- Available in titanium, zirconia with titanium base, and gold alloy

Advantages for Custom Abutment

a) Better passivity
b) Easier to obtain esthetics
c) Fewer porcelain fractures due to occlusal surface integrity
d) Less fatigue
e) Manipulation in posterior region easier with cement
f) Loosen less often as compared to that of screws