Ceka Attachment

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Ceka Attachment System

Principles of the System

The basic idea is simple: a spring pin which snaps exactly into a conical female. Together, they make up the Ceka Attachment. It was developed 35 years ago as an esthetic–for completely invisible–alternative to the traditional clasp, and ensures stable retention. Once the spring pin “clicks” into the female, the patient knows that the prosthesis is properly seated.

Today, each Ceka Attachment is based on the same simple principle. For improved oral hygiene and esthetics, the Ceka Revax was created in both the M3 (standard) and M2 (smaller) versions.

Ceka Attachments–whether for partial or full prosthetics, or implantology–allows the dental professional to create a prosthesis whose appearance and function are as true to nature as possible.

The Optimum Solution for each Patient

Combination work, full dentures, constructions on suprastructures….for almost any indication, there is a Ceka Revax solution. With the same adjustable, removable spring pin and the same precision female. And with a limited number of approved methods which allow each dentist and dental technician to make a success of each Ceka Revax prosthesis.

The essence of the Ceka Attachment is its universal application. This design has numerous advantages for the dental technician during the laboratory procedures and for the patient with regard to the ease of insertion or removal.

Ceka allows the dentist to facilitate maintenance and repair. The system has three main goals which dental technicians also pursue daily: simplicity, efficiency, and precision.

A set of specially designed tools and jigs helps both the dentist and technician produce Ceka Attachment prostheses which meet and exceed today’s demands for function and esthetics.

Easy Cleaning

The zone surrounding the retentive element is of vital importance to good oral hygiene. It must be free and easy to clean. That is why the Ceka Revax attachment has a “periodontal friendly” female. It starts right underneath the natural contact point of the crown, and makes basal gingival contact. The space between female and crown may still be rinsed, and is easy to clean for patients.

More Space for Esthetics

The shape and dimensions of a retentive element all too often prevent good esthetics, leading to unaesthetic constructions with oversized crowns. The center of the Ceka Revax female lies exactly in the long axis of the secondary crown. To allow a natural transition to this crown, the female profile is slightly reduced to the buccal. This creates more space for acrylic resin or porcelain veneering. With Ceka Revax, you may always achieve an optimum result.